Pegasus Symphony : music from Saint Seiya

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Pegasus Symphony is the world’s first symphonic concert fully dedicated to the music of the famous anime “Saint Seiya”.  Having touched the heart of millions of fans throughout the world for 25 years, this concert is a vibrant and passionate occasion to revive the legendary battles of Athena’s saints: the Sanctuary, Asgard and Poseidon !

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For more than 2 hours the concert will feature more than 60 musicians on stage playing a selection of the most illustrious theme musics (BGMs) from the original 80s’ series, illustrated live by the best moment of the TV series projected in sync on a giant screen ! And be ready for a number of talented guests and soloists, starting with the Japanese band Make-Up x Broadway, that will sing their hit songs  “Pegasus Fantasy” and “Eien Blue” !

Let your cosmos burn and don’t miss this Asian Premiere at the Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall !

Tickets are now available at all URBTIX outlets (URBTIX venues and Tom Lee Music Stores...) and at Sound of Faeries official shop at
Urbtix Internet Ticketing: - Credit Card Telephone Booking: 2111 5999
Ticketing Enquiries: 2734 9009 – Programme Enquiry: 2799 0310 – Age Limit: Children under 6 not admitted.

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About SAINT SEIYA series

The first Saint Seiya manga was written and illustrated by “Masami Kurumada” and was released in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1986 to 1990. The animation series contain four main story lines: Sanctuary, Asgard, Poseidon and Hades. The concert will feature musique and video reviving the full first anime story, that was aired in Japan from 1986 to 1989 with a total of 114 episodes. Saint Seiya remains one of the most outstanding titles in 80s until now.  Aside from the original manga and its anime adaptation, the Saint Seiya toy line was a huge success over in Asia, South America and European countries, with new figures are being released regularly even until now.

The story of Saint Seiya

In the times of myths… There were young boys who were in charge of protecting the Goddess Athena. These boys who were called the Saints of Athena, were said to have tremendous power. Their fists would crack the sky and their kicks were powerful enough to cut through the earth.
Mitsumasa Kido of the Grand Foundation held a strong interest in these Saints and sent over 100 young boys to dangerous places all over the world to train them to become Saints. 6 years later, 10 boys who survived the severe training came back to Japan and brought back the official proof of a Saint the “Cloth”.
Saori, the granddaughter of Mitsumasa, takes on Mitsumasa’s will and decides to hold a championship tournament called the Galaxian Wars to have the Saints fight for the greatest symbol of the Saints the “Gold Cloth”.
Now the concert start ant the battle between the Saints begins!

Special Guests : MAKE-UP x BROADWAY

The band MAKE-UP x BROADWAY will merge for an evening for their grand return on stage. They will unite their forces the time to sing along with the orchestra their mythical songs, namely the opening “Pegasus Fantasy” and ending “Eien Blue”, and for a few more surprises ! This will be the first time ever they will all appear live outside of Japan !

The venue : Hong Kong Cultural Centre (Concert Hall)

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre concert hall is the most prestigious venue of Hong Kong. Designed for classical music, welcoming the most regarded international artists in the city, the concert hall is right on the most famous spot of Victoria Harbor at the very heart of Hong Kong, and within the Cultural Centre complex, the most famous architectural and emblematic building of Hong Kong.

About the CCOHK Orchestra (Conductor Jean Thorel)

City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong (CCOHK) enjoys a unique position as one of the most active chamber orchestras in the Asian region. Members are professional musicians who enjoy a busy calendar of concerts and the most diverse music-making in Hong Kong. Currently in its thirteenth season, CCOHK gives an annual subscription season of concerts specializing in a wide range of chamber-orchestral repertoire from Baroque masterpieces to newly commissioned works. Over the years the orchestra has worked with numerous internationally renowned artists.

A powerful 2 hours selection of the most memorable musics from the original Saint Seiya 80s’ series !
Revive all the legendary battles of Athena’s saints in a music and video concert of more than 60 musicians and soloists on stage - special guests : Make-up x Broadway !