The concept of ONE PIECE Music Symphony

A large quantity of high quality classical symphonic music abounds in the movies, TV series, animations and video-games which we are exposed to everyday. That said, those unfamiliar with attending classical concerts very rarely experience them. Based on the popular TV series ONE PIECE, the ONE PIECE Music Symphony is a new concept - a unique multi-media journey which makes classical music exciting and accessible to listeners of all ages. For the first time ever audiences in Hong Kong can experience the best moments of ONE PIECE on the giant screen to the accompaniment of live symphonic music. All the action, emotions, thrills and touching moments of the film will be perfectly matched by the sound of the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong with as many as 55 musicians on stage conducted by Jean Thorel.

20130514 Vignette-Orchestre

Two special guests from Japan will also join the performance : Hiroshi Kitadani, the singer of “We Are!” and “We Go!”, the opening songs of the original ONE PIECE TV Series, and Kohei Tanaka, the renowned composer of ONE PIECE whose compositions are masterfully orchestrated for “hot” strings and piano.

20130514 Vignette-Orchestre2