ONE PIECE Music Symphony

The World’s Premiere Symphonic Concert of the most popular anime and manga in the world !

A spectacular Video and Music show with a full orchestra on stage playing the anime’s best music and

AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 10 Tuesday 30th July 2013 -7h30pm

A spectacular video and symphonic music concert of the world’s most famous anime TV series, One Piece, will come to Hong Kong at the end of July! Reviving the best moments of Luffy and his crew friends’ adventures on screen, Kohei Tanaka, the composer, and Hiroshi Kitadani, singer of the opening theme songs “We are!” and “We Go!”, all together with the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong will give a thrilling musical interpretation of a selection of the best popular theme songs.

Whether you are a huge fan of One Piece or, as yet, unfamiliar, you will enjoy a unique and wonderful exploration of the world of classical music in a two-hour unforgettable performance. To parents who are looking for a good summer activities for kids, this high-quality concert is definitely a must-see. 55 musicians on stage for a full load of action, emotion, thrill, laugh and tears!

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