ONE PIECE is a family japanese manga and anime series. It focuses on Luffy’s crew who wants to become the king of pirate. Along with all his comrades they are in quest for the legendary “ONE PIECE” treasure. The manga is the world’s most biggest sale with cumulative sales of more than 280 million units in 2012. The TV show also took over the first place of all-time anime series globally, and was aired in Hong Kong on prime time on aTV Home (aTV1) and in Mainland China on Xing Kong and CCTV-6. With 69 manga volumes, more than 590 anime episodes, 12 movies, more than 6000 merchandising products, a worldwide recognition and highest rating in sales achieved worldwide, ONE PIECE is simply a phenomenon you just can’t miss !

ONE PIECE : The Story

Luffy has a dream : to become the King of Pirates and find the One Piece, the legendary treasure. For this he will have to sail the seas, face the most cruel pirates and defeat the armies of the Marine. To help him in his great adventure, Luffy can rely on the members of his crew, all as crazy as he is!

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