Akino Arai live in Hong Kong on March 24th 2013 (Sun)

We are extremly honoured to announce that Akino Arai will be playing live in Hong Kong on March 24th at the Jockey Club Auditorium (Hong Kong Polytechnic University / Hung Hom / Kowloon).

Akino Arai is one of the Japanese Goddesses of Anime music. Her songs feature a sweet, delicate and captivating pop music, which ranked many times in the Top 50 Japanese Oricon charts. Her most famous works include the singles “Voices” (from “Macross Plus”), “Kaze to tori to sora” (“Lodoss to Senki”) ,“Kirei na Kanjou” ("Noir"), “Mitsu no yoke” (“Wolf and Spice II”) and “In My Dreams”(“Mobile Fighter G Gundam”).

Her titles were featured on many other anime soundtracks, most of which were composed by highly renowned composers in Japan such as Yoko Kanno (for “Macross Plus”), Yuki Kajiura (for “Noir”), Kenji Kawai (for “Dai-Guard”) and Hajime Mizoguchi (for “Boku no Chikyū wo Mamotte”).

Don’t miss this chance to see the first concert ever of Akino Arai in Asia outside of Japan!