Nobuo Uematsu - The composer of FINAL FANTASY on stage for the first time in Hong Kong !

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After appearing as a special guest at Distant Worlds : music from FINAL FANTASY symphonic concert in 2013, the famous composer of the FINAL FANTASY video game series will be playing live on stage for the first time in Hong Kong on 30 August 2014 at the Music Zone@E-MAX.

A program full of Nobuo Uematsu’s compositions for FINAL FANTASY games !

Nobuo Uematsu will propose an intimate concert to discover the best of his work in an unseen intimate yet powerful live, featuring mainly his works from FINAL FANTASY.

He will be joined on stage by the musicians from EARTHBOUND PAPAS, all recognized video game composers and arrangers : Tsutomu Narita (keyboard, guitar), Yoshitaka Hirota (bass), Michio Okamiya (guitar), and Chihiro Fujioka (drums).

Nobuo Uematsu is one of the most celebrated composers in the video game field. He has achieved global recognition for his work on the FINAL FANTASY series that has been performed by world-class orchestras around the world. Nobuo Uematsu has been recognized as a major contributor in the increasing appreciation and awareness of video game music. A prime example is the “FINAL FANTASY VIII” theme song, “Eyes on Me,” composed and produced by him. His song featured Hong Kong pop star Faye Wong and sold a record 400,000 copies.  It also won “Song of the Year (Western Music)” at the 14th Annual Japan Gold Disc Awards in 1999, which was the first time in history that music from a video game had attained this illustrious honor. The music from the game series has grown to such notoriety, Nobuo Uematsu was named as one of the “Innovators” in Time Magazine’s “Time 100:  the Next Wave Music “ feature. All support musicians of the concert are long time recognized video game composers and arrangers, and long time collaborator of Nobuo Uematsu :

Tsutomu Narita : FINAL FANTASY X, FINAL FANTASY XIV, UnchainBlades...
Yoshitaka Hirota : Air Tonelico, Shadow Hearts, Street Figther Zero 3...
Michio Okamiya : Anata wo Yurusanai, Lord of Vermillion, Fantasy Life...
Chihiro Fujioka : Burai, Mario and Luigi, Super Mario RPG...

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Tickets are now available at Cityline outlet and Tom Lee Music Stores ( tel.:2111 5333) and at

PS : A-Reserve tickets will receive a free CD Album at the entrance, and will enjoy the privilege of a dedicated Meet & Greet with Nobuo Uematsu and his musicians (1 sign and 1 photo per participant).


Masashi Hamauzu live in Hong Kong on November 23rd 2014 (Sat)

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“Tribute to FINAL FANTASY XIII Series”

 Masashi Hamauzu with Imeruat

 A unique live tribute to the best seller video games “FINAL FANTASY XIII”, “FINAL FANTASY XIII-2” and “Lightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII” by their original music composer.

Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Saturday 23 November 2013 – 8pm

Celebrating the release in Hong Kong of “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII”, the latest video game of the FINAL FANTASY series, we are delighted to announce that its music composer, Masashi Hamauzu will be performing a live concert on 23rd November 2013 at the Hong Kong Art Centre (Shouson Theatre), just 2 days after this new exciting game goes on sale.

With more than 6 million units sold for the whole FINAL FANTASY XIII series so far, its soundtrack composed by Masashi Hamauzu has been widely praised for its high quality. This concert will feature a powerful best selection of songs from the whole video game saga to be enjoyed live in Hong Kong for the first time.

Ticket Price: $880 (A Reserve, 50 tickets only including sign session after the concert and “FINAL FANTASY ORCHESTRA” Audio Blu-Ray to be received at the concert entrance), $380 (B Reserve).

Pre-sale will start on 2nd October 2013 on the Sound of Faeries official shop at Counter booking at box office of URBTIX will open in late October at all URBTIX outlets, on internet and by telephone.

- Urbtix Internet Ticketing: – Urbtix Credit Card Telephone Booking: 2111 5999

Urbtix Ticketing Enquiries: 2734 9009 – Programme Enquiry: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 2799 0310 – Age Limit: Children under 6 not admitted.


Tanaka x Kitadani Live in Hong Kong on July 31st !

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Following our FINAL FANTASY Symphonic Concert (27/28.7.2013) and ONE PIECE Music Symphony (30.7/2013) at the AsiaWorld-Expo, we would like to present a unique and priviledged concert for anime and video game music lovers :

Kohei Tanaka
“For Anime and Video Game music lovers only”
feat. Hiroshi Kitadani
Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
31 July 2013 (Wed) 7:30 pm

Kohei Tanaka is one of the legendary music composers from the Japanese anime and game world. He has composed more than 8,000 anime songs and background music (BGM) of internationally acclaimed series such as Sakura Taisen, Gunbuster, ONE PIECE, JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure and Gundam!

He is going to sing and play the best selection of all his works for 240 priviledged fans in this initimate concert. Hiroshi Kitadani, singer from JAM Project and 3 gifted session musicians : Iwase Tappi on the drum, Ryu Kawamura on double bass and Suzuki Naoto on guitar will also be stage.

240 tickets are now on sale at only HKD 100 on the Cityline network. Act FAST!

ONE PIECE Music Symphony on July 30th in Hong Kong - World Premiere !

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The world’s première symphonic concert of the most popular anime and manga in the world, ONE PIECE Music Symphony, will come to Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo on July 30. Reviving the best moments of Luffy and his crew adventures on a giant screen, Kohei Tanaka, the composer, and Hiroshi Kitadani, singer of the opening theme songs “We Are!” and “We Go!”, all together with the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong will give a thrilling musical interpretation of a selection of the best popular theme songs.

ONE PIECE is a top well-known Japanese manga and anime series about the adventure story of Luffy and his crew, who want to become the King of the Pirates, and they are in quest for the legendary “ONE PIECE” treasure. Luffy has to sail the seas, face the most cruel pirates and defeat the armies of the Marine with the help of the members of his crew who are all as crazy as he is!

In a two-hour unforgettable performance, you will enjoy a unique and wonderful exploration of the world of classical music, together with 55 musicians on stage for a full load of action, emotion, thrill, laugh and tears!

Tickets are available at our online shop ( as well as Hong Kong Ticketing, K11 Select and Tom Lee outlets. Get ready for sea!

More payment solutions available on our shop now!

Great news for everyone! We are now using AsiaPay's payment services, and so on our online shop now accepts all VISA, MASTER and American Express cards ! But moreover we can now accept PPS and Alipay's direct online payment! With just a few clicks you can purchase our tickets from everywhere including mainlaind China on our online shop, with the guarantee to get the best seat available at the time of your order ! Order in a minute and just wait for the tickets to arrive at your place! We also accept telephone orders by calling 2799 0310. You can order now at

Akino Arai CD now available!

As promised by Akino Arai during the concert, we are happy to announce that Akino Arai’s single “Unknown Vision” and albums “Red Planet” & “Blue Planets” is now available in Sound of Faeries’ official online shop ( ) !

Akino Arai autograph session!

Akino Arai is going to have an autograph session after her Hong Kong concert at the Jockey Club Auditorium on March 23rd. From 19h to 20h30 you will have the chance to get her autograph and take a picture together! Don't miss Akino Arai's concert and its meet and greet !

P.S.: A Reserve ticket will have priority on the queue for the sign session. One sign per person. Non-official products will not be accepted for signature.

Distants Worlds: A Reserve Tickets

A Reserve are VIP tickets and holders will be able to meet with Conductor Arnie Roth, and Composer, Nobuo Uematsu, get autograph and have photo opportunitie after the show.

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FINAL FANTASY Symphonic Concert - Hong Kong Premiere !

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"Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY performs for the first time in Hong Kong at the Asia World Expo on 27th and 28th of July 2013. This multimedia experience combines stirring screen images to match the soaring emotions of a symphony orchestra performing music from SQUARE ENIX’S world-renowned FINAL FANTASY video game series.

It will feature more than 2 hours of powerful selections from throughout the monumental catalogue of the entire series, from FINAL FANTASY I to XIV. You will enjoy on stage over 100 musicians from the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong and the Die Konzertisten Choir for an exclusive and unforgettable concert! And of special note: FINAL FANTASY composer Nobuo Uematsu will be in attendance !

Tickets will be on-sale from Friday, March 8th 2013 at 10am HKT on our website and on the whole Hong Kong Ticketing network (, venue box offices, K11 Select and Tom Lee Music Stores). A Reserve are VIP tickets and holders will be able to meet with Conductor Arnie Roth, and Composer, Nobuo Uematsu, get autograph and have photo opportunitie after the show."

Akino Arai live in Hong Kong on March 24th 2013 (Sun)

We are extremly honoured to announce that Akino Arai will be playing live in Hong Kong on March 24th at the Jockey Club Auditorium (Hong Kong Polytechnic University / Hung Hom / Kowloon).

Akino Arai is one of the Japanese Goddesses of Anime music. Her songs feature a sweet, delicate and captivating pop music, which ranked many times in the Top 50 Japanese Oricon charts. Her most famous works include the singles “Voices” (from “Macross Plus”), “Kaze to tori to sora” (“Lodoss to Senki”) ,“Kirei na Kanjou” ("Noir"), “Mitsu no yoke” (“Wolf and Spice II”) and “In My Dreams”(“Mobile Fighter G Gundam”).

Her titles were featured on many other anime soundtracks, most of which were composed by highly renowned composers in Japan such as Yoko Kanno (for “Macross Plus”), Yuki Kajiura (for “Noir”), Kenji Kawai (for “Dai-Guard”) and Hajime Mizoguchi (for “Boku no Chikyū wo Mamotte”).

Don’t miss this chance to see the first concert ever of Akino Arai in Asia outside of Japan!